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„We study race profiles, we study French, we study power files, we study nutrition plans, we study recovery technique. More than ever before in our lives, we are students of the bike.“

Réve gibt es schon seit mind. 2 Jahren. Gerade lese ich den Bericht von Heidi Swift im Peloton Magazine: Sie und 5 weitere Frauen, Amateure bzw. Hobby-Rennradfahrerinnen, werden jede einzelne Etappe des bekanntesten Rennens des Rennradkalenders fahren. Jeden Kilometer. Alle 3.479. Und das immer einen Tag, bevor das Profi-Peloton die jeweilige Etappe bestreitet.

Neid! :)

„We will climb and laugh and cry and probably, at some point (or several some points) crack. Unlike the men behind us, our only goal is to survive – to finish. 

To that end, we’ll work together. To that end, we’ll ride our bicycles obsessively from now until the end of June. To that end, we’ve rearranged our lives and asked our families to forgive our absences. We’ve adjusted daily schedules and created training hours where it seemed impossible. We have located the longest, steepest climbs in near proximity to our homes and devoted ourselves to those grades.“

Rennradfahren ist Toll!